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Regardless of the type of issue your air conditioner is experiencing, our AC repair Auburn , AL technicians can diagnose the source of the problem. We’ll provide you with a cost estimate for the repair and ensure you understand the various options for moving forward. 

Our Auburn, AL technicians are equipped with professional tools and will complete repairs promptly and professionally.

An Air Conditioner That Needs Repair Might:

  • Stop operating efficiently
  • Make strange noises
  • Not cool your home evenly
  • Cycle on and off more than normal

Our goal is to get every broken air conditioner operating like new again. We use high-quality parts and materials for all aspects of our work. Our technicians refuse to cut corners with any aspect of a job.


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Professional Air Conditioner Repair Services In Auburn, Al

The thing about air conditioning in Auburn, AL is that once you have it, it’s difficult to live without it. Opening the windows will only get you so far! When your air conditioner breaks down, it’s critical to find a reputable repair service as soon as possible. Look no further than the expert team at AC repair Auburn , AL. We’ll get your air conditioner back up and running so you can get back to feeling comfortable.

Why Does My Ac Need Repair?

Even if you maintain your air conditioner properly, it will eventually need repair services. Air conditioners are mechanical devices with moving parts that wear out over time.

Consider what happens when a car breaks down and needs service. There are many possible reasons for the malfunction. Some issues might be common and require a simple fix, while others could be more complex and expensive. However, you won’t know the exact issue until a qualified expert evaluates it.

The same applies to air conditioning repair. Problems could stem from leaks, insufficient lubrication, aging components, dust accumulation, electrical issues, wear and tear, or even faulty installation. Our trained and certified technicians can visit your home to assess your system and provide an honest evaluation of what’s needed to restore your air conditioner to full functionality.


As your home becomes uncomfortably warm, you might start to ask yourself: how serious is the problem? Here are some typical issues that we often see:

Your air conditioner cools the air using a chemical refrigerant that circulates through pipes connecting the indoor and outdoor units. If there’s a leak in this system, your air conditioner might not cool effectively. The ideal fix involves identifying and sealing the leak, then refilling the refrigerant to the correct levels.

Just like condensation on a cold beverage, air conditioning coils can collect moisture. This condensate is supposed to flow into drain pans and out through pipes. But if there’s a blockage, it can lead to problems like excessive humidity or even prevent your AC from turning on if the drain pan overflows.

Located in the large metal box outside, the condenser unit includes a compressor, coils, and typically a fan or two. These components are crucial for the proper functioning of your air conditioner. The fan helps to dissipate heat by cooling the refrigerant and expelling hot air from the unit. If this fan fails, due to a motor issue or damaged blades, your system will not cool efficiently.

Among the most daunting of repairs is a compressor malfunction. As a central component, the compressor’s health is vital; without it, your air conditioner cannot function. A multitude of issues can arise with compressors, making them complex and costly to fix. Given that the compressor is also the most expensive part of an air conditioning system, a failure might warrant considering a full system replacement instead of just repairs.

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